Saturday, July 5, 2014

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Kit Kat Easter Cake

Kit Kat Easter Cake 2014

Super yummy and super easy cake.  It was a huge hit, particularly with the adults!

Friday, October 18, 2013

John Deer Birthday Cake

John Deer Birthday Cake

Cakes 2013


Avengers Birthday Cake
Three Little Pigs Birthday Cake

Birthday Balloon Cupcakes

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Belle Birthday Cake

Happy 7th Birthday.  The long awaited Belle birthday cake.  Abi has talked about this princess birthday cake since her last birthday.  This time I actually used a full size barbie doll and not just the top half of a barbie!   The cake appeared very large, but it was mostly the skirt. Both the bodice and skirt are made out of fondant and covered in glitter, so pretty.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sleepy Mouse Cake and Pirate Cupcakes

The Twinnies 5th Birthday
Sleepy Mouse Cake
Eleanor always picks the cutest cakes, but they are always the most time consuming to decorate.  It is a white cake transformed into a bed with a duvet cover.  I made everything out of fondant, the bed skirt, pillow and mouse.  The pillow was made by covering a piece of cake with white fondant. The bed skirt is white fondant that is pleaded.  Yes, I made all the "quilting" on the duvet, I simply used a ruler to make the lines and a cutter for the flowers.  I love how the little mousey legs are under the covers, super cute. The mouse head took a little time forming, a wee bit of a challenge. I covered everything in glitter and lustre dust, just to make the cake sparkle!!!!
Pirate Cupcakes
William always picks very simply cakes, thank-you Will!  I baked chocolate cupcakes and I had two different cupcake liners. One liner was a pirate design and the other liner was gold. I was disappointed with the pirate liners, they just looked like black cupcake liners.  I found the gold cupcakes liners more effective!  Covered the cupcakes in chocolate butter cream and shoved some gold coins and plastic pirate ships in the top of the cupcakes.  Easy Peasy. The boys loved the pirate cupcakes.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Lemon Cupcakes

Lemon Cupcakes with Whipped Cream Icing
I finally had some time to do some baking, it has been a long time since I created confectionery worth blogging.  I made some lemon cupcakes for a baby shower and I loved the way they turned out. Very pretty and I have thank my mother-in-law for sending me the pretty cupcake wrappers all the way from the UK. She manages to find the neatest stuff for my baking there, I am very fortunate!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Tow Mater Birthday Cake

 Happy 2nd Birthday to Aiden

This Cars cake turned out quiet well.  It is super cute.  I covered a 10" round cake in blue icing (for the sky) and made the mountains out of chocolate fondant.  The cacti and clouds are so cute.  Another successful cake.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Birthday Cakes

 Abigail's 6th Birthday

A Rapunzel cake.  I made a small square base cake, chocolate of course.   Covered it with mauve fondant and piped on green leaves.  I love the leaves, I would use them on any adult cake. The tower is made up of cupcakes and the turret is simply a sugar ice cream cone.  I did use royal icing because I didn't want the shingles to droop or get soft.  Rapunzel is just a polly pocket sized dolly but makes the cake super cute.  Abigail loved it!!!
Happy Birthday Paula

My big sister loves choco-mint flavour.  I made a chocolate cake and added peppermint oil, super yummy.  Iced the cake with butter cream frosting and broke up tons of mini candy canes and sprinkled them on the cake.  Delicious and it looked really pretty.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

R2-D2 Cake and Fairy Cake

Happy 4th Birthday Twins!!!!!

Every year two different cakes for the same day? William really wanted an R2-D2 cake and this was the simpliest solution I could come up with.  I covered a chocolate cake with black fondant and added three different sizes of stars.  The stars were coloured in blue, black and grey. I stuck the toy on the top with some icing, easy peasy. The cake turned out much better than anticipated, Will loved it, so I was happy.  The stars were really cute and he is only four, so cute is still ok.  He also got to play with the R2-D2 toy.
 Eleanor really wanted a Fairy cake.  It turned out really pretty.  The cake was covered with a mauve fondant, it looks pink in the picture but it was mauve.  The fairy wings were piped on with royal icing and then with a damp paint brush I painted the royal icing to create veins, or patterning.  I had a template for the body and I cut it out of fondant.  Luckily I had some flesh coloured fondant (use copper coloured gel colouring to make flesh colour).  I made a bodice out of white fondant and the tutu was out of gumpaste to make the 3D look.  I covered everything with pearlized and sparkly lustre dust.  Very pretty. I wrapped the cake in a pretty ribbon and shoved a hat pin in the cake to hold the ribbon and bow in place-it was late at night and I was tired of making birthday cakes.  The bottom boarder was made with a scalloping device (like big tweezers), you can see it in the R2-D2 picture better.  It looked pretty and was super simple.  Done for another year.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Pirate Hat Birthday Cake

Sebastian's birthday cake.  The pirate hat turned out well.  I made an eight inch round cake, cut it in half and then shaped the hat.  Next time I would use a ten inch round cake simply to make the cake appear bigger.  I covered the cake in black fondant.  The gold trim was white fondant that I painted gold.  Also, I had found some skull and cross bone rings so I placed them in the base of the cake and in the corners.  Super cute and Sebastian liked it.  He did place his Captain Jack Sparrow lego figurine in the top of the cake for the party.  It was an excellent idea!!!!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Pink Fondant Bustier Cake

 Happy 40th! The bustier cake....what to say about it? The bustier is made out of white cake, covered with pink fondant. I placed the bustier on a chocolate slab cake, chocolate ganache centre and made the white butter cream icing with really BUTTER.  Super delicious. The 40 was simply made with chocolate chips and chocolate molds, super quick and super easy.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Gumpaste Flowers

Wow, I can't believe I actually did it.  Gum paste flowers...they look great! Created with my own two hands.  I made six flowers with help from Elly-Elly's Studio of Cake Design.   So much fun.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Gold and Yellow Book Cake

A Book Cake
I created this book cake by baking a white cake and filling it with lemon filling.  The sides are butter cream an the top of the cake is fondant.  Everything is dusted with gold lustre dust and sparkly rainbow dust.  Very pretty.

 The flowers are gum paste and they turned out well.  Simple, yet effective.
I love the gum paste wedding rings! They turned out great.  I dusted the rings with yellow (powder colour) and then used gold lustre dust.  The diamond takes the cake!!!  I covered it with silver colour and then rainbow sparkly dust. 

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Spring Baking

Paska, Easter Bread

My Oma used to make Paska for Easter when I was little and the smell of it baking in the oven fills me with nostalgia.  I have been making it for a few years, trying to keep the tradition alive.  Paska is bread filled with eggs, butter and cream, can you go wrong with any of those ingredients?  Icing and sprinkles are a MUST.  It is delicious and my kids love it.  Some people make it in loaf pans, we made it in coffee tins.  My mom and I baked it together and split the spoils of our hard work.  Of course, there are those in the family who don't make the traditional stuff but love to be recipients of it!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Gingerbread Men

I also had some time to quickly make some gingerbread men while the kids were visiting Santa.  They are pretty cute.

Peppermint (Ammonia) Cookies

Dear Dairy (my big sister wanted me to start my blog one time with, "Dear Dairy"),
I finally got it together to make Peppermint/Ammonia Cookies!!!!  These cookies remind me of my Oma and Christmas.
Baking ammonia is found in the drug store and peppermint oil is harder to find than gold dust at this time of year.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Saturday, October 30, 2010

New Cakes for October!!!

A beautiful chocolate butter cream wedding cake.  Four cakes in total.  There were two-10inch cakes and two-8 inch cakes.  Two chocolate cakes, one white and one marble.  They turned out great!  I piped the flowers out of royal icing.  Super pretty for the princess wedding. Of course the insides are delicious too.  Chocolate ganache filling in the chocolate cake and custard and butter cream icing in the white and marble cakes. 

My last cake of October 2010.   A sheepy birthday cake.  Love it.  Super cute idea!  White cake covered in marshmallows.  I couldn't help myself with the flower on the ear.  Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

50th Wedding Anniversary Cakes

 Congratulations 50 years!!!!!

I made three-half slab cakes.  Two of the cakes were chocolate with chocolate ganache and raspberry fillings.  The cakes were iced with white buttercream icing.  The little dots are mini malt balls and I covered them in gold lustre dust, they
looked pretty.


Monday, October 18, 2010

Twin's Third Birthday, October 2010

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you........The twins had very specific cakes they wanted.  One wanted a Hickory Dickory Dock Cake.  The cake is a white cake and is filled with chocolate ganache.  I finally have mastered the ganache, super yummy.  I also covered the cake in ganache and then iced the cake with chocolate fondant.  I have to say chocolate fondant tastes fantastic!  That was a pleasant surprise, it tastes like chocolate, yum.  I made the clock face out of fondant, the eyes, mouth etc.  The big hand and little hand were fondant and I painted them gold.  I created the pink mouse out of gum paste and it was pretty cute.  This cake looked great and tasted even better!

The other twin wanted a BATMAN cake.  This cake was significantly easier than the Hickory Dickory Dock cake.  The cake was chocolate, I tried and new recipe and it was delicious,  iced with royal blue icing.  My son loved the spiky, ouchy, black boarder I piped on top.  I inserted a six Batman rings on the outside and inserted a Batman on top.  The boys at the party loved the cake.  There were blue lips everywhere!!!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Chocolate and Strawberries

I made a birthday cake for a friends mother-in-law.  The cake is rich, gooey chocolate. The fillings are strawberry and chocolate buttercream.  The icing is whipped cream, super duper yummy.  The funnest part of the cake is the chocolate covered strawberries.  The strawberries were easy and quick to do but look wickedly impressive and delightful to eat!  This cake is just a phone call away. 
My picture actually turned out quiet well, maybe my photography skills are improving.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Green Machine-Course Three Cake

The Green Machine-
I took another course with Elenore Isaak -Elly's Studio of Cake Design and she helped me create this beautiful cake.  Green fondant with white and black stripes- Elly helped my roll out all the balls (thanks).  I love the black and white boarder along the bottom.  The bow is actually pearlized but you can't see it in the photo, very pretty.  I do love anything sparkly but I never seem to have the sparkles or disco dust required to create the sparkle.  I covered the cake drum with fondant and it is imprinted with ivy.  I was unsure of the green colour and it was meant to coordinate with all the flowers I made in the class, my favourite being the Cala Lily but there was no room for flowers on this cakes. Now I really like the green and it goes with the rest of the cake. 

October is a busy month with birthdays and weddings.  Two birthday cakes on the same day, so I will have so many pictures to post. 

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Teddy Bear Cupcakes for a Baby Boy Shower

These chocolate cupcakes were made for a friends baby shower.  We are truly blessed to have him in our lives. 

Wow, I found out cupcakes can be a lot of work.  First I used chocolate cake which is very difficult to cover up with pale blue butter cream icing, I had to do several coats.  Now I know why when you buy cakes they are always white, easier to frost!  The teddy bear heads are made of piped chocolate butter cream icing, yummy.  The muzzles are piped cream coloured butter cream icing and the eyes and nose/mouth are simply piped on in black.  It took much longer than anticipated but they look super cute.  It was worth the effort.
If you are interested in ordering a cake, cupcakes or cookies simply email me and we can find the perfect cake for your needs.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pretty in Pink-Baby Shower Cake

Here is the newest cake I have created.  Chocolate fudge cake with raspberry filling and chocolate buttercream.  The outside is pink fondant and the the polka dots are chocolate fondant.  The border is made up of whoppers-chocolate malt balls.  I ended up eating the rest of the bag of malt balls becaue I didn't need them for the cake.  Yummy and looks super cute too!